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Found 8 results

  1. An armory where gang members can exchange parts, weapons, bodies, etc. Players can put in a request for a particular item, or maybe it's an open exchange. I'm thinking at no cost to each other, as the member is already giving up coins by not selling the items.
  2. One thing that kinda bothers me a little is the process of selling and fusing items. You havet to pull each individual part to sell/fuse them. Its fine if I only have a few things to sell/fuse, but when i have a stockpile of parts it can get tedious. They should make it so you can select all the parts you want to sell/fuse, and then sell/fuse them all at once. What do you think? Is this something they should implement?
  3. Yet again I have gone and sold a part that I did not want or mean too. Apart the obvious solution of “be more careful” what would really help would be the ability to tag a part/body as unsellable so as to avoid accidental sale. Please for my sanity make it so.
  4. “Time is fleeting”....... or at least it is now concerning betting. There was a time where I very much enjoyed “harvesting” parts and betting on them to build up maximum bonus. Then the thrill where I could combine several of these “spit and polished” parts for a pimped up tank before moving up a level and start again. But alas, since update, I find there is no time to build my parts up and combine them anymore. Us poor kittens are in such a rush to level up that betting has been forgotten about just like that mouse I chased under the dresser last week. So until a u-turn from Zeptolab on forced promoting through the championship league there will be no more betting from me. Unless of course the stink gets so bad that they may have to revisit it! Zak Attack
  5. That's how i get always better parts , just go and win more games , skip the one you can't beat
  6. You may create not only more prestige levels, but more stages inside levels too. Stages(part's materials): 1. Straw 2. Brushwoods 3. Wooden 4. Stone 5. Bronze 6. Iron 7. Steel 8. Silver 9. Golden 10. Platinum 11. Carbon 12. Titanium 13. Technology 14. Military 15. Heavy military 16. Crystal 17. Diamond 18. Gross energy 19. Gross space-technology 20. Nano-technology 21. Military nano-technology 22. Smart technology 23. Energy 24. Space-technology 25. Smart space-technology 26. Copy of alien-technology 27. Alien-technology 28. Black alien-technology 29. Alien-technology energy. 30. Black energy
  7. Is there a quick way of leveling weapons? Should I fuse same tier only? Do levels matter for the part being consumed? If this has already been discussed, I am sorry. If it has, can someone point me in the right direction? Search didn't seem have the info needed, nor did the Reddit. Thanks.
  8. Hey ! When you guys open a giant box/ super bodies box, will you think that's a bit boring for only 4 kinds? What I think would be redesign the boxes into a Professional Shop! A porfessional Shop would contain : >more variety of boxes: can be have both specific and mixed boxes - Specific boxes: Boxes contain 3 part of specfic type of parts , ie: Laser Boxes - Mixed boxes : like the usual boxes, have mixed types, usually cheaper than specific > limited time Car parts - provide a car part that is relatively stronger than your current championship, ie: you are in level 20 championship and you get level 22-23 parts. > unique stickers - more people will be fond of this one because stickers can customise a lot for your cars. >New feature: Unique Decarotion - I think stickers can not fufilled the desire of own customisation . I believe that some decarotion can be place connecting to the car (but will not increase HP / attack) will be better.