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Found 4 results

  1. We are CRYSTAL LAKE - highly active Cats on the way to the TOP. Spoken language: English, but it doesn't matter. Actions speak louder than words. DESCRIPTION International gang with members from various time zones. Around the clock beatings are administered by us. Prestige Level 10 or higher. We have a few below that, but they are proven fighters. Many strong players P20+ WHAT WE EXPECT To be highly active in City Kings and Gang Fights. Getting decent trophies and the motivation to improve your builds for climbing up in CK. Currently near the end of Meow De Janeiro District 6. Get here fast enough and enjoy a Russian Stove Body reward/upgrade. We've been around for about 16 months and have strong loyalty. Communication is important but not required to beat down other teams. Our international diversity has helped us win multiple times. We also respect each other. Any disrespect will get people kicked. Interested? You can message me here or search for CRYSTAL LAKE in the game.
  2. By the time you read this: We are newly formed guild of former top gang. We are here to push the limits! We have great members and super active. Need to complete his 10/10 gang battles or maybe 9/10 if you're having a bad day. Welcome here! We will be Top 30 when this cycle ends. Gang Name: THE WHISPURR Timezone Reset: 20:00 UTC
  3. I'm prestige 10 and can average 300 trophies in a 72 hour cycle and play everyday. Looking for people who can do the same.
  4. I have like 4mill points prestige 10 and I am very active. Need a clan who can reach rank 3 gang chest. Tired of seeing people in my gang who do not participate.