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Found 17 results

  1. I am now lvl24 world championship and there is option to get prestige 1. I read the forum but still not quite sure. After get prestige, Will all blue boxes for increasing health, power, attack be gone? And all my legendary bodies will be gone too? If they are still there, are they still at the same upgrade level or start from lvl1? thanks for helps,
  2. Hello, We are recruiting all active players from p1. At this moment we usually reach rank 3 gang boxes, but trying to improve and get higher ones. Please note innactive players are being monitored and removed on daily basis, therefore if you will be part of the gang and want to take a short break - notify us, not to get kicked. ANGRY KITTEN#11157 Thanks,
  3. Everyone wants to be a Fat Cat. Now's your chance. From the ashes in a litterbox, a new gang rose... - Fat Cats - is very active in CK and instanting through the districts right now! We're 20 members strong, and getting gang box 6. Every. Time. If you're a Cat sitting at least at Prestige 6, and in the silver or gold UL league, and you're thinking maybe you want to be fat for a change, stop by our Discord channel and say hi. Expectations: English speaking. 300 trophies on average. Prestige 6 or more. Silver or gold UL league. Activity on discord (repeat after me: "We do not use in-game chat"). Teamwork. Not being a dick. Sound good? Head over to
  4. I'm worried that the money I used to buy parts will all go to waste if I prestige... Do I lose them? Pls help.
  5. I need new members to jointe my clan Clan name marshmellow gun Prestige 1 required
  6. If you have heard, there is a new Easter update. With this update, the prestige cap went from 40 to 50! Why does anyone need this? I am only at Prestige 1, and been here for a couple months, so how does anybody get to prestige 50? Here is some QUICK MATH: If you start from scratch, to prestige, there are 24 stages, each taking 2 days, for 50 prestiges. So 24 * 2 * 50 = 2400 days, or approximately 6 and a half years. You might think this topic is dumb, but I just noticed this when I was bored. Kind of sad there was no new UL parts.
  7. Hello, I have just started the game and can't understand what other people are talking about, words like prestige, million points , ratings.. where can I find these in my profile? Also I would like to join a more active gang, if anyone is ready to take me.. I contributed approx 500 this cycle!
  8. Hello Pilots and Kittens, Firstly thank you for having your time in reading this. Straight to the topic : Here if you see I just promoted from stage 18 -> stage 19 and the championship is still filling up. And I was the first one to reach here before everyone started showing up. Now nothing fishy there, let's do more fights and BAMMM!!! Yes!! That player just arrived by instant promoting from stage 18 , So what can be possible explanation: THAT C'MON HE'S PRESTIGE 7 CAMPER Okay, let' us believe a guy with insanely high stats in stage 19 is a camper. Now let's check his gang - So a person who can be a possible camper and score 825 points on its own is in this gang ^ Cmon Zepto we are not that fool, same story with every high stat random guy in championship - ALWAYS IN A GANG WITH REQUIREMENT 0 AND 25/25 MEMBERS FULL AND THAT GANG IS NOT AT ALL COMPETITIVE Seriously that's hard to digest! At least championship was supposed to be real PvP *If you guys spot this same pattern of championship bots please post below* Thank you for your time. Cheers!
  9. Hello, kittens! Today we want to tell you about the upcoming update, and you will like it very much. What exactly is waiting for us? Super car! Now when you move to a new prestige you will be given details for the "Super machine". What is the "Super Machine" and what is it for? "Super machine" is a powerful machine that is assembled from "super details". You can get them when you reach a new prestige, "super details" will also have bonuses like the usual details, but they have one very interesting feature, they do not disappear after prestiging. For "Super Machine" will be added a special, own garage in which will be their championships in which you can compete with other players! What about the information about new prestiges, for the beginning there will be 20, but in future they may become more. Compensation for players with 10th prestige will be details for the "Super Machine". So, you do not need to sit in one place in your championship now, but move forward to the new prestiges! The new garage will replace the league system, and now to win in the league you need to collect an unbeatable "Super machine". Let's sum up what exactly will add to the game: 1. New garage 2. New league system 3. The new "Super machine" 4. The number of prestiges will increase to 20 Sorry, if I made some mistakes.
  10. How many weeks does it take to reach prestige level?
  11. Prestige level - 0 Championship Stage - 15 100000 Points Boulder Health - 7593 Boulder Damage - 4896 Tophies/Cups Contribution per League - 150 to 200 Looking for a good gang in which every one plays actively and reaches atleast gang box 3 (which requires 100 cups per player only per League). Plays actively everyday. A man to trust upon. Meoowww.. 😉
  12. With gang fights being a thing I'm unsure if I should prestige right away or patiently build up more power to plow through these gang fights. Before the update I would just prestige without a care. Speaking of which which is the best period to prestige between championship and league days? S24 Championship just ended and I got 15 much needed gems from those at a time my gem stock was depleting. My league rankings allow me to get one legendary box every other day and I should get it at stages as far as I can get.
  13. ...and just about ready for it!
  14. I am looking for an active gang in preparation for gang wars. Preferably English as I am from Michigan. I am 5th prestige, level 10 with 1,411,000 points. In game name matches my current display name: Benefactor.
  15. So I was looking at Top Players, and found this guy, which I believe is on top2 atm, and his Classic Chassis has 2 weapon slots and an extra slot for a Forklift. I've never seen that before. Is that something I'll unlock further in Prestiges? PS: Related Picture below
  16. Losing our mechanical parts by reaching the Prestige Championship is frustrating. So I propose to explain this loss by a story to play. Your pieces have been stolen to discover who are the culprits, you have to provoke them by winning again the championship. As a winner, you are a prestigious competitor to whom the sponsors continue to rely. At the end of each round of the Prestige Championship, you are offered a paying information to find the thieves. For 10 gems you find a cat using the machine with which you won this round the first time. If you win the duel, you get the pieces from this machine. This could very well be a prelude to the Underground Tournament that I proposed elsewhere.