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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, the free access countdown stopped after one game. What's happening?
  2. The new hot wheels ultimate car event started and I had 10 batteries and I clicked on the free ad to start with the free tries. But after I watched the ad, the game booted me and shut off. I try to restart and I get to the splash screen of CATS and it boots me out again. I am missing the event and I still need to collect a lot of flames for my other regular car event. I'm not happy that I won't get to collect all the flames for the boomerang. Please fix!!
  3. Hi, the update has been our for almost 12 hours now and I am unable to update the app. I have an Iphone, and am trying to update through the app store. However, it just says "Open" instead of "Update", though there are other people who have already updated the app. Any ideas?
  4. Sorry if it sounds like I'm spamming, but my other topic was closed, so here's the issue. When trying to create my signature, first I put a photo that was too big. Okay. I removed it. Problem solved. Then it says I am using too many lines. I enventually reduce it to two five-word sentences, and two things come up: 1. Signature does not meet the guidelines. 2. I AM STILL using too many lines. What's wrong?