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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, I'm at 244 so far with a little over a day left. Just curious about how others are progressing...
  2. Hey, I'm at 244 so far with a little over a day left. Just curious about how others are progressing...
  3. Hot Fixes save the day, just in time to alter this evening's championship! At least they pushed it out about 24 hours before the end instead of like 3 hours before then end of the championship. I've been able to confirm with 3 separate fidget spinner builds that they no longer work. I was witness to a fourth, a harpoon fidget spinner (the YoYo) but was not able to recreate it when the feature was active. Guess we're all back to fighting fair.
  4. Hi All, I started playing cats just a week ago and I've reached stage 20 in just 8 days without spending even a penny on the game. Am I going really fast or it's just normal. Just curious to know about how other people do. Thanks.
  5. I don't have the game installed on any other devices. Moreover, I don't even have Play Games installed on my phone, so CATS would have no way to determine that some other device belongs to me or transfer my progress (if I'm understanding it correctly). As a result of this, the Championship time gets reset right before the end, every time. This is incredibly annoying, because this means that the only way I can progress through the game is by instant promotion, meaning I have to always kill all 14 opponents in one go. For real, I've yet to progress through a single stage normally (i.e. by being in the top 6 and waiting till the Championship ends), I have to always spend a ton of money on my machine to make it better than every single one of my opponents. How do I fix this?? Has anyone else had a similar issue? Right now I entered the game, because a couple of hours ago I got a notification that the Championship ends in 2 hours, yet it says "1 day 23 hours" again, with the exact same opponents. And I'm 100% certain I was in the top 6, because I have 13 wins in a row (I even tried it now, I still got 13).
  6. HI! I recently downloaded C.A.T.S and I totally fell in love. And I'm excited about its game and its strategy to overcome the championships but .... there is something that brings me doubtful for days. I use Android and download google Play Games to log in while playing. With this, can I save my progress if I change the device or use it in parallel on a tablet and a smart phone? Or if I uninstall the game and reinstall it? I repeat I love this game and I do not want to lose my progress, imagine being first in the lists and to change smart phone lose everything and must start from 0 .... it would be catastrophic. I do not speak English, please excuse my spelling