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Found 7 results

  1. So, you know how people have been recently getting signatures under their posts or whatever they're called? How do you set one, or do you guys just copy/paste everything? (Sorry if I sound like a noob lol.)
  2. Hi All, I started playing cats just a week ago and I've reached stage 20 in just 8 days without spending even a penny on the game. Am I going really fast or it's just normal. Just curious to know about how other people do. Thanks.
  3. I'm pretty sure I've found bugs in the game but I don't know where to post them 1st bug: Not getting a bonus after winning a bet 2nd bug: Well at least I think it's a bug. The sorting tool disappears (image) 3rd bug: I was going to get promoted to the next championship in 40 minutes and I done the big fight, went up a championship when after a couple of minutes I went up 2 for championships (from green 1 to green 4)
  4. Hey guys ! So I'm quite new to the game and I was looking at top players machines for inspiration. I saw the number 1 player vehicle and it got a really weird chassis : it looks like an inverted classic chassis. Is it possible? Is it like a really rare drop?
  5. I am having trouble balancing a titan. Please help, thanks!
  6. How do you have an image signature on this forum? I tried imgur bb code but its not working...
  7. This is more of a question, which could turn into an idea. Are the developers thinking about implementing a way to reset your skill tree in a future(soon i hope) update? Im sure im not the only one who spent their first 4-5 points on skills early into playing, then once i got the hang of things pretty good realized i messed up those 5 points and i could really place them into better use now. Of course this wont be free, perhaps a "fair" gem price everytime you want to reset them, but this would be really helpful (if you guys haven't thought about it already)