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Found 2 results

  1. Because (Forum Game) 1000! Is kind of low-key dead (can we please get that topic to 100 replies, BTW?) I have created: (Forum Game) Ask a Question! Here are the rules: I will start off the game by asking a question, which will be posted below. The goal is to answer the question by posting what you believe is the answer. if the answer is wrong, the next poster must try to answer it. If it is correct, that person gets a point and must ask the next question. Whoever reaches 10 points first wins, and starts the new round! The questions asked can be any type of question as long as they don't break forum rules. Also, you can give hints if needed. I will ask the first question: In the C.A.T.S server, what is my discord name? (My nickname in that server) hint: it is very similar to my name here!
  2. Ok so I have a few questions for a guide I want to make (a detailed one, right here in the forum!) 1. How many trophies are required for gang box rank four? 2. What are the gang box rewards? (how many super parts and legendary parts) (for each rank) 3. How many skills are there, and how many skill points do you get by the time you reach 10/24? (for clarification) 4. What are the maximum levels the 1-5 star parts can go to? (I know 1-star is 6, and I know 5 is 26, but I don't know 2,3, or 4 star parts) Thanks for the info guys!