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Found 9 results

  1. Join Dragons Blood Requirement : Be active, get as many trophies as possible each cycle(I don’t keep track) and have fun. Open spots: 10 Prestige: 2 Language: English Gang id: DRAGONSBLOOD#8736
  2. Looking for Cats who want to play and battle and reap great rewards! Join my new gang Kool Katz Live. Experienced and active leader. Strategy focused. Gang ID: Kool Katz Live#60486 Description: Must be active daily & ready to battle! Requirement: Prestige 1 (but will take new players who are willing to be active in City Kings and Gang Fights) Language: English
  3. An up and coming gang looking for active players, preferably with prestige to participate daily in gang fights and CityKings! I'm looking for active players willing to put in work and build it together...In game and on Chat! PRESTIGE is of no importance, BUT you MUST download the app DISCORD and I'll invite you to our group chat there! Active players means: online everyday and joining CITY KINGS & GANG FIGHTS!!!! P.S.: Once you join our group chat on DISCORD then I'll invite you to the actual GANG on C.A.T.S. Also!!!! No 18- of age please! My discord ID Poofy#7682
  4. Hi! Our gang Rotten Bones desperately needs active and experienced members! If u are one and also looking for a gang who tries it's best, u are more than welcome here! Please reply first if u are interested! P.S.: We had enough of headless chickens, free resource wasters! Also be active on chat!
  5. Everyone wants to be a Fat Cat. Now's your chance. From the ashes in a litterbox, a new gang rose... - Fat Cats - is very active in CK and instanting through the districts right now! We're 20 members strong, and getting gang box 6. Every. Time. If you're a Cat sitting at least at Prestige 6, and in the silver or gold UL league, and you're thinking maybe you want to be fat for a change, stop by our Discord channel and say hi. Expectations: English speaking. 300 trophies on average. Prestige 6 or more. Silver or gold UL league. Activity on discord (repeat after me: "We do not use in-game chat"). Teamwork. Not being a dick. Sound good? Head over to
  6. Hello fellow cats, I am currently seeking a few players that have awesome ULTIMATE MACHINES. We have won our last 2 city gang fights so only the strong will be chosen. Do you have what it takes to run with us?? Message me here @wapo or on kik : wapodmenace
  7. By the time you read this: We are newly formed guild of former top gang. We are here to push the limits! We have great members and super active. Need to complete his 10/10 gang battles or maybe 9/10 if you're having a bad day. Welcome here! We will be Top 30 when this cycle ends. Gang Name: THE WHISPURR Timezone Reset: 20:00 UTC
  8. US Destroyers looking for friendly and active players.
  9. Hi, I am Xminator, the leader of Wild Things, an ambitious clan aiming for the top spots. We are looking for 10 new recruits, since the clan size has just been increased from 15 to 25. All our clan members are 1Mil+, active daily and english-speaking. We are constantly improving/growing and help one another wherever we can. If you think you fit the criteria, reply here or DM me (alternatively, subject to open spaces, you can join us in-game and introduce yourself [WILD THINGS#3002]).