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  1. Hello cats Please read these rules carefully before posting to the Gang section of the forum! Language - All forum rules apply to this sub-forum, except if your Gang speaks a foreign language, you may use that foreign language in your Gang's thread. One Thread Per Gang - One thread may exist per Gang, no more. If a second Gang thread is made for whatever reason without the permission of a Mechanic, it will be removed. Maintain your original thread to the best of your ability. Recruiting - The Gang section of our forum is a great place to recruit members to your gang, along with the "Join a Gang" thread. Recruiting should not occur elsewhere on the forum. Posting to Other Gangs' Threads - You may not post in a Gang's thread which you are not a part of. As such, Flaming & Baiting are not allowed. Please remain respectful and tread carefully. Looking for a Gang - If you are a free agent and are looking to join a Gang, please do not create your own thread. Instead, please post in the "Join a Gang" thread. Poaching - "Member poaching" is strictly forbidden within this forum. You may not enter another Gang's thread and ask for their members or free people to join your Gang instead. You can write them via private message instead, adhering to the forum rules about PMs. Reporting - If you are repeatedly asked to join another Gang or you see other suspicious behaviors on the forum, please use the Report function to notify the Mechanics. Thank you for reading this topic and... good luck!