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Found 3 results

  1. I am wanting to delete my app and re-install it because I’m having major issues with the new fight we do. I am not getting my weapons when I get a bar it shows a weapon but when I go to edit my vehicle the weapons aren’t there. And I know it’s sometimes uninstalling an app and reinstalling it work but I don’t know if this game is linked to anything that will save my data when I log back in.
  2. Hello. Example situation: I am locating in guns menu and I have many guns and other equipment (more than 50 for example). I have flipped through list with guns to the end and choosen and installed last gun. After this one I have came out from customisation car menu and came in championship or fast fight menu. Then I have entered in customisation car menu again and chosen guns menu. Cursor position don't save on last gun and I must all time fliping this menu to the end, so that chose last gun. It is applies to all menu categories. I think, would not bad do so that cursor position in customisation car menu save always. Is it possible? Thank.
  3. HI! I recently downloaded C.A.T.S and I totally fell in love. And I'm excited about its game and its strategy to overcome the championships but .... there is something that brings me doubtful for days. I use Android and download google Play Games to log in while playing. With this, can I save my progress if I change the device or use it in parallel on a tablet and a smart phone? Or if I uninstall the game and reinstall it? I repeat I love this game and I do not want to lose my progress, imagine being first in the lists and to change smart phone lose everything and must start from 0 .... it would be catastrophic. I do not speak English, please excuse my spelling