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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I’m leader for a gang called Non PresTigers. We are looking for cats players new and old to visit our Discord Page for the following reasons: 1) As you may know there is an official CATS forum on Discord but it can be a little intimidating for new players to ask questions and get help. I can’t promise 24 hour support but where are gang can we are happy to answer or help where we can. 2) We have a very well laid out Discord Server that may give ideas to gang leaders in process of setting thier own up. 3) The best thing about CATS is the social element. We have many experienced players who drop by our Discord Page and give gems of advise on tactics, build help and tricks of the game. All we ask is that you are respectful of others players. So click on link below and say hi
  2. I see a lot of teams recruiting and a lot of kittens looking for gangs. Understandably the big gangs in the leagues get a lot of these recruits because we all want to be part of a winning team. And yet these teams are always recruiting! Winning is an important part of being in a gang but the other important part is the social and fun part. Our gang, not my gang, are looking for active & social players who are a minimum of prestige 1 to be part of a team. We have goals but we don’t have egos, all the support a kitten could need is on offer to a gang member. So why try before you buy? Please visit our webpage so you can get a feel for what we are about and if you would be interested please contact me, thanks for reading.
  3. Hi cats! Are you alone? Do you want to interact with other cats? I want to share with you some links to the community: Official communities (hosted by the ZeptoLab Community-Management): Official C.A.T.S. Facebook Page: Official C.A.T.S. Facebook Community group: Official C.A.T.S. Reddit Page: Official C.A.T.S. Community Discord server (Admins: Apprentice/VGG, Chervey and co.): There are also private hosted communities with a large range. Take a look: English/International private communities: CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars – International, Facebook (Admin: Solaito, Louis D.): C.A.T.S. Telegram community (Admin: Symedia): German communities: C.A.T.S. Community - Deutsch/German (Admin: Shiriru94): Other languages will be listed soon. You want to interact with your native language? Then post your community platform per PM or down below. I will add the largest and active sites to the list. Have fun with our community