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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, my english is not good, but i will try my best :3 How about stacking the sticker. You would always get special stickers. Which with animation for example. Maybe something like this: - glittering, (sparkle) - red, green or blue luminous (like neon lights) - moving Or something else. If you stack 5 common stickers you can get a rare Sticker. 50 rare Stickers > 1 epic sticker. For this Idea you have to don't lose your sticker if start new after lvl 24. And maybe in a few updates you can also change the stickers with another members in your Clan. Thx for your time, if you have some similar idea write it down
  2. I'm searching for sticker pictures so i have a challenge for anyone interested...its simple you have only to find all stickers in the game and show them all on multiple pictures (not all on the same picture) OR...create a new sticker that look like a legit one (like if it was in the game by default) one so i just have to say now...GOOD LUCK ;D Ps: I need these to make art but i can't find any on Google Image
  3. I can't find any single sticker picture on internet. Can anyone help me find a link or a wiki page were I can find all stickers in the gamepls