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Found 1 result

  1. Vehicle Strategy: The Bouncy Boulder Introduction: Hey C.A.T.S. players, it is MagnusCarlsen and here I've made a guide explaining the most popular strategy: the bouncy boulder, the boosted boulder, the blade boulder or some people call it the flying boulder. The approach works very well when you have high-quality boulders, blades, and boosters. It is very advantageous at any levels (take the second image as an example). Without a further ado, let's get right into the guide. Enjoy. The Set Up: The Bouncy Boulder consists of the body called boulder. It is a round body which is easily toppled over and this is a critical factor to the strategy. Make sure that your boulder has two or one main attachment points and one gadget attachment point (take the first image as an example). Secondly, to make the bouncy boulder you will need one or two blades (depending on your stages, lower stages do not need two blades and higher do need two blades to keep up with the damage made with of vehicle strategies). Thirdly, a part to add is a booster as it will be important that your boulder hops over other vehicles (if you have small wheels) or make your boulder get quicker to your enemy (if you have bigger wheels then you won't to able to hop over your enemy) because a blade is melee weapon. How it works: These blades are the damage dealers in the bouncy boulder. The small round body of the boulder allows the blades to hit the opponents car even is you fell down. So, the blades can give a hit guaranteed as forklifts do not play a role of the weakness of the blade which is great as the rocket and laser vehicles (except titan bodies) suck at that part. The main benefit is that the bouncy boulder would not work on countering another bouncy boulder, they will just hit each other and who has the most damage and health wins and the laser and rocket vehicles do have that weakness. If you are a surfer, sneaky, pyramid or a classic player who will often get frustrated because bouncy boulders often defeat you. Boosters need to be added to your boulder so you can hop over other players to destroy that from the back or to get closer as the blade is a melee weapon and rocket is great at destroying you if you don't have a booster on. I recommend everyone to try the design and if you don't like it, you can change back, if you are more comfortable with other set-ups. A little trick if you are trying to get instant passes through championships is to change wheels, they usually give big differences and may win you a match, so always try that when using the bouncy boulder. Conclusion: From the set-up to the way the bouncy boulder operates. I hope you learn from this thread on the C.A.T.S. forum and please give me some feedback. Tell me if I should do more on other vehicle strategies because there are a lot of good ones. This is Magnus and I wish you have a great day/night!