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Found 1 result

  1. I deleted this game. EVERY time tournament is SUPER UNFAIR. I am position 2, 1 hour before tournament ends. number 1 has 13 wins, I have 12 wins, number 3,4 and 5 have 8 wins. THERE IS NO WAY THAT 3 PEOPLE WITH 8 WINS WENT UP FROM 8 TO 13 WINS IN 1 HOUR. I come back 1 hour later and i am position 7, NOT PROMOTED. F%CKING B#LLSH%T. Screw this game, what a shame, it was really fun and had potential, but forcing people to play 5 minutes before the tournament ends is b$llsh#t. ME dropping from position 2 to position 7 is also b#llsh@t becaue I would be POSITION 2 AGAIN IF I PLAYED 5 MINUTES BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT ENDS. WHY AM I DROPPING WHEN MY SPECS ARE STILL NUMBER 2?! I SHOULD HAVE NEVER DROPPED TO 7. This happend 1 time too many now so I`m gone. SCREW THIS UNFAIR GAME. Do you expect people to sit around and put a f%cking alarm clock for a cat tank game? DELUSIONAL YOU CANT FORCE PEOPLE TO PLAY A GAME AT EXACTLY 10 O CLOCK TO ADVANCE WHILE THEIR TANK IS NUMBER 2, PEOPLE HAVE THINGS TO DO!