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Found 6 results

  1. Lost Kittens are recruiting! We are looking for players who actively participate in City Kings and Gang Trophies, as well as progressing through stages to improve your UL cars. We currently have 4 open spots! CK: District 7 Gang Box: Rank 4 Prestige requirement: 2 gMost of the gang is P3/4 some are higher) Language: English, but the gang is international. CK Rank: 785 Expectations -- Be active in CK. 100 minimum gang trophies per cycle(But no gems required if you get stuck!). Progress through Championship stages to get UL parts. Use Discord to share CK info. And of course to have fun!
  2. Hi, looking for new catz to join us. We have a handful of good players but need more! Come try us out. Clan is "letsdothis#59767".
  3. Since Zeptolab have tried to destroy gang fights with new restrictions on trophies I am surprised to see that some gangs are still hitting the big numbers that they are. The question is how? I have already been forced to level up 4 times meaning my builds have very quickly weakened. My gang had 10 consistent 600+ trophy winners over a cycle who have now diminished to just 3. We scored over 11000 trophies on our last cycle before update and I reckon we would do well to hit 7000 trophies at the end of this one. Look at the top ten gangs in gang fights league and there trophy hauls. So is it just simply cash? Or full of campers who have yet to feel the effect of leveling up? Or do they just have the skills and the builds I’d love to know....... but in the meantime I’m undecided if I’m full of pride for the brave litter of kittens bravely flying the flag for successful gang fights or am I just plain jealous. Zak Attack
  4. Ok so I have a few questions for a guide I want to make (a detailed one, right here in the forum!) 1. How many trophies are required for gang box rank four? 2. What are the gang box rewards? (how many super parts and legendary parts) (for each rank) 3. How many skills are there, and how many skill points do you get by the time you reach 10/24? (for clarification) 4. What are the maximum levels the 1-5 star parts can go to? (I know 1-star is 6, and I know 5 is 26, but I don't know 2,3, or 4 star parts) Thanks for the info guys!
  5. Prestige level - 0 Championship Stage - 15 100000 Points Boulder Health - 7593 Boulder Damage - 4896 Tophies/Cups Contribution per League - 150 to 200 Looking for a good gang in which every one plays actively and reaches atleast gang box 3 (which requires 100 cups per player only per League). Plays actively everyday. A man to trust upon. Meoowww.. 😉
  6. Hi! I'm a daily active player, who seek a active gang. I achieve 50-100 trophies every time, sometimes up to 200, my game tag is NEDDE, and i play on IOS