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Found 3 results

  1. Hello CATS, Please note that MadCats competition runs weekly on discord, we’re on #6. There are weekly winners with legendaries and UL boxes, it runs every weekend. If you’re not on the discord, please don’t hesitate to join and meet the community.
  2. Some players have complanned of a minor bug when they do UL fights. When your about to start your battle you find your slots for your 3 builds have moved from left of screen to right. This is not a bug, this is deliberate to prevent “auto clicking” players getting an unfair advantage. They no longer can set up their device and leave it unattended as now a variable.
  3. Hello Cats here is a few things that zeptolab use to improve the game. - About campers is really hard to have fun if there is a camper in your league. You can change this like the "ultimate league" so the people who advance to the next stage can "Join" the new stage and the people who don't want to play the stage just don't play it and don't appear in the stage... like a "lobby" . Doing that they can't stop the people who really wanna play the normal championship. - You can put missions like "have a 100 win streak and win super box" or "500 win streak and win a legendary box" or gems. You know... making the game more interactive to the players who play a lot and reward them for that. - Obviusly add new cat poins. - In the ultimate league reward the first 5 or 6 placement with the same rewards (i'll never be able to be top 2 because of p2w guys and i play everyday a lot except when i have a camper in my stage) - In the boxes if i'm in level 15 must be weapons that have at least level 13 not 12. I think with this suggestions the game will improve a lot