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Found 3 results

  1. I am posting here to talk about the Ultimate Machine toolboxes. They are an interesting way to boost your machine's health or damage by a % for a given period of time. I think this is a great idea to get an extra win out of the 20 battle series. However, in my case, I almost always get 18-20 wins. Almost every time I do not get the 20 wins, I am against an opponent with far superior stats to mine. Even if I were to apply a toolbox to give me greater damage/health I would not win. I would probably have to apply multiple toolboxes at the same time. But again, thats just for roughly 4 thousand more points a win. So I find myself not applying the toolboxes at all, and instead just keep collecting them. I have somewhere near 50 toolboxes at this point, non of which I plan to use. They require ~25 purple tickets to use. I propose an idea to deal with these. See as it is now, the only way to reduce the clutter in my inventory is to use the toolboxes. Which then deplete my purple tickets that allow me to upgrade machine parts once I get enough. Why not create a feature that allows me to sell my tool boxes for purple tickets? That way I can sacrifice the temporary bonuses, for a longer term approach of saving my purple tickets for upgrades. As many of my parts are nearing higher levels which require 500+ purple tickets to upgrade. It doesnt make much sense that I would want to deplete my savings just to get rid of toolboxes that I dont use anyway. This also gives me more freedom to choose to save for part upgrades, or get bonuses to give me more parts at the end of the ultimate championship round. Doesn't that make more sense? Thanks
  2. I have never seen one, but I have heard that if you upgrade the Santa's Sleigh/Whale enough, you can boost its maximum energy from 20 to 25. Currently, I don't think ultimate machines are supposed to increase maximum energy. If it is true that the Santa's Sleigh/Whale can increase its energy, are there any other ultimate chassis that can do that? Thanks!
  3. I've seen a lot of ultimate machines that have space for two weapons, but have no idea how to get one of those. How can I get an ultimate machine with two weapon spots?