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Found 20 results

  1. Update 2.20 available for IOS and Android, if you’re amazon don’t be alarmed it’ll be up soon, good luck. 👍
  2. - Fridge Deep Freeze Pushes enemies back and freezes them for a short time. - Lamp Death Lamp Automatically targets an enemy. Shoots a cone of deadly light - Shield Shield Makes your machine immune to all damages for a short time - Tilted Chainsaw Rotating Chainsaw Can be rotated when installed on a machine. NOTE: to rotate it, use the special button in the garage. - Tilted Drill Rotating Drill Can be rotated when installed on a machine. NOTE: to rotate it, use the special button in the garage. - Tilted Rocket Rotating Rocket Can be rotated when installed on a machine. NOTE: to rotate it, use the special button in the garage. Hopefully we see more of them in time! 😀👍
  3. Hello everyone, Am i the only one who can not get update from play store after the maintenance today? Play store shows me 2.9 version available with last update on March 26, 2018 Apple store shows 2.9.1 updated today. Is official apk file available somewhere direct? Thanks.
  4. Game constantly crashes on my iphone after the recent update. It crashes every single time I tap the Gang Icon. Cant even do gamg wars anymore. Sometimes it crashes when I start the game, or after playing like 10 minutes, it also crashes after watching ads. It got a lot laggier too.
  5. Kittens and Pilots, The time has come to show your rivals the ultimate power of your gang. From now on your mates will become true allies, supporting each other in fights outside the backyards. That's because loners are no longer warriors and gangs are no longer packs of random cats. Everything has changed, because the time has come to find out who're Kings of the City. An infinite sequence of wars for places, buildings, streets, districts and whole cities has begun. In other words, update 2.8 is on! What's new? - KINGS OF THE CITY‎: Fight against real gangs from around the globe to conquer the city in this NEW cooperative game mode. - ULTIMATE TOOLBOXES‎: Give your ultimate machines a temporary boost with these powerful kits‎ - ULTIMATE BOOSTER‎: Stymied in a league‎? Stuck on ultimate upgrades‎?Unlock this powerful bonus and speed up your progress. - AND MUCH MORE‎: New ultimate parts, UI improvements and bug fixes. *btw - The city has been renamed to Mew York
  6. I welcome the addition of new postgame as I don't feel invested enough to make the strongest machines in P10S24, and I'm having a real blast building ultimate machines but I am sorely disappointed to learn that : You no longer earn super or legendary boxes upon instant promotion or through league rewards. Now it's all ultimate parts. For many players with high rankings getting a legendary box, hell even a super box every 2 days or upon instant promotion was a huge help in building better machines, but having these taken out makes it even harder to get decent parts. That means the only ways of getting legendary parts are purchaseable boxes and gang boxes. In fact this update is so heavily geared towards building ultimate machines that now playing through the main game feels like wading through molasses, and there is little incentive to even prestige and progress in the main game any more. Quick fights with ultimate cars now require spending tickets and you can only hoard a maximum of 5. Tickets can only be acquired in boxes meaning that to get more fights you either play the waiting game or shell out gems. The league ticket mechanism REALLY puts a damper on the new game mode - think of it as the equialent of "energy" in F2P games - and actively promotes a pay-to-win style gameplay where the highest ranks (and best rewards) are going to be monopolized by heavy payers who won't hesitate to fork over hundreds of gems. Winning ultimate league points is pretty much "Double or nothing", really. You can choose to save your wins or try for double, and if you lose the fight then you lose it all. Not really my idea of fair. Damn near everything in this mode needs gems: want to roll a new opponent? That'll be 10 gems! Lost a fight? No worries, as long as you spend 50 gems you can save your streak. Out of tickets? You can have more, for only 50 gems. Problem being it takes you 3 days to get this amount of gems so not a wise investment here. I hope these problems will be addressed in the future. This update disappointed by focusing on F2P mechanics that used to be fair.
  7. Some new screens from the future update!
  8. Hello, kittens! Today we want to tell you about the upcoming update, and you will like it very much. What exactly is waiting for us? Super car! Now when you move to a new prestige you will be given details for the "Super machine". What is the "Super Machine" and what is it for? "Super machine" is a powerful machine that is assembled from "super details". You can get them when you reach a new prestige, "super details" will also have bonuses like the usual details, but they have one very interesting feature, they do not disappear after prestiging. For "Super Machine" will be added a special, own garage in which will be their championships in which you can compete with other players! What about the information about new prestiges, for the beginning there will be 20, but in future they may become more. Compensation for players with 10th prestige will be details for the "Super Machine". So, you do not need to sit in one place in your championship now, but move forward to the new prestiges! The new garage will replace the league system, and now to win in the league you need to collect an unbeatable "Super machine". Let's sum up what exactly will add to the game: 1. New garage 2. New league system 3. The new "Super machine" 4. The number of prestiges will increase to 20 Sorry, if I made some mistakes.
  9. Not sure what happened, but the latest update causes the game to crash on startup when using my iPad Mini 2. I would provide more detail, but I haven't been able to get into the game past the Zeptolab logo before it crashes, and restarting my device does not help. Please fix!
  10. Cats The Game will get a new update! It's confirmed from ZeptoLab The update will have some new features so it needs definitly an update on your phone. What are the new feautures? What to do in the meantime? Problems with updates? Write your comment down below. Discussion started!
  11. Hello Zeptolab Devs, please remove gameplay time limit! I am a full grown man and i know what is good and what is bad for myself. I don't see the point in have gameplay time limit, i am 28 years old and i can decide for myself when to stop playing. Also i want to stream this game because is fun but i can't because of the time limit! Thanks MvPGEO
  12. Hey guys The trailer for the gang fights is online on the official C.A.T.S. Channel My question to you: What do you think about the game mode? I think I'm worried, because it could (and it will) be very hard to tune up three good vehicles. Yeah I know this is the cool part of challenge, but am I even able to play this mode with less than three vehicles? DISCUSSION STARTED Miau (meow on german) Shiriru94
  13. Is this the only update?? So useless for prrstige10 players.. its better to uninstall this game..
  14. So I still can't download the update, been waiting since 11 am, now it's 4:15. Galaxy s8+ I've restarted my phone too... help!
  15. version 2.0.2 have been live from May month, but I use 2.1. There is no update button in google play store? there is no link in the official website. can somebody tell me how to update to 2.0.2?
  16. Should we expect a new update soon? We've had updates the past 2 months (albeit a smaller update in May). I ask because after really enjoying the game, I've grown bored after getting to Prestige 3. There's a bit too much luck involved in acquiring parts & there are only a few builds worth using. Even after spending a few bucks, you don't get the part(s) you want. I think if we could buy specific parts, there would still be the randomness of the bonus, so there could still be money to be made there without players rejecting the idea of buying gems. Anyway, don't want to go off into "new idea" territory Really just want to know when a new update is expected, or even better, what features are priority.
  17. New in game featuresThis game is quite a popular game now. so i suggest some updates/upgrades or you can say in game features to be added these are 1. Adding in game friends 2. Trading equipment with friends 3. selling equipment to friends 4. selling equipment to world players (similar as bidding) 5. selling stickers to friends and world players 6. boss rush mode ( 2 players/friends can beat a boss to get gems/golds/high rarity equips/etc) 7. world boss rush mode (with a massive hp boss. players around all of the world will beat this boss to get a good prize) 8. any further idea and modification if crosses my mind ill definitely mail you guys again. Thanks in Advance.
  18. hey i have an idea for your game c.a.t.s to make it both multiplayer and single player also like swamp attack i mean just add levels on it that run both without net and with net idea is in the game link is check it out now
  19. Each time I load up the game, I get a message saying, quote: "PLEASE UPDATE : New update coming soon! It may not appear in the store immediately, so please check back regularly! Please do not reinstall the game during this period. Thanks for your patience!" Nothing has appeared in the shop for over 18 hours since this first randomly appeared during me playing - I don't know what to do. When it links to the Android Play Store the 2 buttons that are there are the 'uninstall' and 'open' buttons - no sign of any update button anywhere. Pressing the 'play' button there doesn't do anything, and I don't want to uninstall it because I think I'd lose all of my progress. Can I have some help here please?
  20. There were recently a update on CATS, however I am not satistified with the currect update. There are so many points need to be point out and update: > Game mode too boring after many fights > cannot feel any connections between players > NOT limited time events happening ......................... I am a top ranked players (rank within top 10) and I really want to give up this game. I brought lot of gems before but not now. My final question is: When will be the true update for CATS to make it real fun?