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Found 7 results

  1. How about a weapon based on the KoT trap, the Bloodhound? A cannon that shoots a Bloodhound which hits the machine, the only way the machine can dodge it is to make the machine afloat, and to make it fair, the Bloodhound Cannon - that's a 5 star carbon - only does 12,000 DMG. A two star carbon chainsaw does 36,342 DMG. So the Bloodhound Cannon sounds very overpowered, however low in DMG (damage). By the way, KoT is made by ZeptoLab as well as C.A.T.S
  2. |Railgun| [Stats] Energy: 6-10 Damage: 2X the amount specified Knockback: High (Shotgun as point blank range type of Knockback, in game) Range: Fast High Speed Projectile (Fast as a shotgun pellet, in game) Charge up: 2 Seconds Mechanics: The Railgun would charge up for 2 seconds, then launch a plasma ball (that goes in a straight line) towards the direction the rail gun is pointed. If the shot hits, it will do 2x the damage specified and knock the opponent back from where it hit the opponents machine. The appeance would look like a cylinder pipe with 3 rectangular openings on the side. It would illuminate light blue, and eventually let loose blue energy in rapid amounts when it would shoot. The cap would shoot the plasma ball, which would let loose smoke once it fired. The plasma ball would be like a fireball, but blue. Thats all folks! The Railgun would be a great addition to CATS! Hopefully the developers see this and be like, ”Nioce Simease, very nioce.” *pats on head*
  3. ENG: Hello dear developers Zeptolab. In C. A. T. S there are machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, saws, but no flamethrower. Why? I decided to give you an idea and even show a prototype of a flamethrower. The picture shows a flamethrower, material: wood, part level: 1 star. This weapon will cause damage like a saw or a sting, but the attack range will be slightly longer. Just this weapon will heat the car of the enemy, and accordingly it will cause additional damage. According to my idea, the flamethrower will open at one of the stages of the first prestige. I hope the developers will listen. That's it. SP: Hola queridos desarrolladores de Zeptolab. En el C. A. T. S decir, ametralladoras, escopetas, lanzacohetes, la sierra, pero no aquella de lanzallamas. ¿Por qué? He decidido presentar a usted la idea, e incluso mostrar un prototipo de lanzallamas. En la foto de un lanzallamas, material: de madera, el nivel de detalle: 1 estrella. Esta arma es un daño similar a la pile o aguijón, pero el rango de ataque será un poco más. Así mismo, este armamento calentar la máquina del enemigo, y, en consecuencia, le será aplicada la bonificación de daño. A mi la idea de un lanzallamas se abrirá en una de las etapas de la primera prestigio. espero que los desarrolladores se ponen en guardia. Hasta el momento es que todos los. Italian: Ciao cari sviluppatori Zeptolab. A C. A. T. S ci sono mitragliatrici, fucili a pompa, lanciarazzi, sega, ma non lanciafiamme. Perché? Ho deciso di presentare un'idea e anche mostrare un prototipo di lanciafiamme. Nella foto è raffigurato il lanciafiamme, materiale: legno, livello di dettaglio: 1 stella. Quest'arma sarà infliggere danni come sega o жалу, ma la distanza di attacco sarà un po ' di più. Così l'armamento è di riscaldare la macchina dell'avversario, e di conseguenza gli sarà applicato un ulteriore danno. Secondo la mia idea il lanciafiamme si aprirà in una delle fasi del primo prestigio. spero che gli sviluppatori ascoltare. Questo è tutto. Swede: Hej kära utvecklare Zeptolab. I C. A. T. S har kulsprutor, hagelgevär, raketramper och sågar, men ingen eldkastare. Varför? Jag har beslutat att ge dig en idé, och även visa en prototyp av en eldkastare. Bilden visar eldkastare, material: trä, nivå detaljer: 1 star. Detta vapen kommer att behandla skador som en såg eller en sting, men intervallet angrepp är lite mer. Även vapen som kommer att värma bilen av fienden, och att det därför kommer att användas för att ytterligare skador. Enligt min uppfattning, som eldkastaren, kommer att öppna i en av etapperna i den första prestige. Jag hoppas att utvecklarna kommeratt lyssna. Det är allt.
  4. From all the details I gathered so far: We(referred as Zeptolabs here) Let's talk about the first-ever weapons rebalance. 1. Many of you were complaining that melee weapons weren't competitive enough. So, in the next update we are increasing the Basic Damage of Stinger, Drill and Chainsaw. These weapons will now be more powerful. 2. We want to fix the problem that toolboxes were not as effective for laser as for other weapons. This is how we do it: - We change the toolbox formula so that applying toolbox to the laser gives more damage. Damage numbers will now correctly translate to damage per second. - To prevent laser from becoming too overpowered, we slightly decreased it’s base damage. Before: Basic Damage * 2.5 (the Laser fires every 2.5 seconds) + Toolboxes = Total Damage 300 * 2.5 + 50 = 800 After: (Basic Damage + Toolboxes) * 2.5 = Total Damage (300 + 50) * 2.5 = 875 3. Basic damage of the Minigun will be increased, as well as Minigun's fire rate (from 3 shots per second to 5 shots per second), but the toolboxes effect for this weapon will decrease to prevent it from becoming too overpowered. Before: (Basic Damage + Toolbox) * 3 = Total Damage (300 + 50) * 3 = 1050 After: Now the fire rate is 5 and toolboxes are in the basic damage already: (300/5 + 50/5) * 5 = 70 * 5 = 350 Basically, you can now say that the formula for calculating the Minigun damage is this: Basic damage + Toolboxes = Total Damage 300 + 50 = 350 What are your thoughts on this? Let the community know.
  5. Hey guys, is there anyone whos into programming and is able to host a calculators page? Most of the mathematicical things on how dmg and health is calculated are known already, so there wouldn't be a problem. What u think about it? -LibriX
  6. Flamethrower The flamethrower is a close range weapon similar to a combination of the laser and the chainsaw. It has the range of a chainsaw, and fires (FIRE lol see what I did there XD) every few seconds, dealing massive damage upon impact. A 3-star gold flamethrower would do 15,000 damage per hit, but only 5,000 damage per second. It would be so strong because of its short range and slow hit speed. If the flamethrower were to be implemented, it would: 1. Be very rare 2. Be unlocked at the gold stage 3. Have the appearance of a chainsaw without the saw, and shoot out red hot flames. Hope you like the idea, please share so the devs can see this. Comment with how you like it and possible adjustments. Thanks! The Flamethrower would look like a much better drawn version of this: (I'm a bad artist) Here is the flamethrower on a body.
  7. I had an idea about different skins for the different components. The skins would not increase or decrease the abilities of the parts, but would add a unique aspect to the game. Possibly, they could be sold for more or less gold depending on their rarity (like the stickers). I do see an issue regarding the KoT parts, as they change as they are leveled up. A possible solution to this would be to allow players to unlock skins at stage 5 and change their appearance depending on either stage tier (metal, military, etc.), or level of the part. Here are a few for example: Rocket Launcher skins: - Yarn ball launcher - Dog launcher - Water balloon launcher - Red Guard launcher (from KoT) - Cannon / Homing Cannon (from KoT) Laser Skins: - Different colored laser beams - Skin that looks like a laser you play with your cats with - Lil' Scorcher (from KoT) Blade Skins: - Swinging dog (Though, P.E.T.A may not appreciate this one) - Swinging ax - Swinging baseball bat - Swinging sledgehammer - Swinging flail - Swinging mace - A variation of the Spinner (from KoT) Chain Saw and Drill Skins: - Jackhammer skin - Knife skin - Blade (from KoT) - Hacksaw - Angle Grinder - Circular saw - Sawzall Stinger Skins: - Cattle taser (cattle prod) - Pole weapons (like these) - Sword Booster and Backpetal Skins: - Whoopee cushion - NOS tank - Rocket Repulse Skins: - Ricochet (from KoT) - Mine / Claymore / C4 - Balloon / Water balloon - Bubble Forklift Skins: (I don't really have any ideas for this one) - Seeker Bird (from KoT) on a leash / chain of some sort. (Would spin at the same rate as the forklift). I would love to hear what you guys think and any additional ideas you guys have on the skins.