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Found 8 results

  1. An armory where gang members can exchange parts, weapons, bodies, etc. Players can put in a request for a particular item, or maybe it's an open exchange. I'm thinking at no cost to each other, as the member is already giving up coins by not selling the items.
  2. Hey guys, is there anyone whos into programming and is able to host a calculators page? Most of the mathematicical things on how dmg and health is calculated are known already, so there wouldn't be a problem. What u think about it? -LibriX
  3. hey zeptolab i want this type of weapon in c.a.t.s
  4. Is there a quick way of leveling weapons? Should I fuse same tier only? Do levels matter for the part being consumed? If this has already been discussed, I am sorry. If it has, can someone point me in the right direction? Search didn't seem have the info needed, nor did the Reddit. Thanks.
  5. Something like a machine gun or minigun will be cool. They will have really small delay between shots but whit snall amount of damage per hit. I think it will be unlocked on prestige 2 or 3 or other stage.
  6. It will be great if there are some rare toolboxes which are special. There are ones that will allow you to have aditional slots on the body anywhere you like. Ones add weapon slot other wheel slot and the last is going to add gadget slot. They will be very expensive to use and they will make the game more chalenging and interesting. There might be some limit like maximum 5 of them to a body. And maybe add xp tollboxes that can rise parts levels pretty easy whit a couple of levels but to be very rare to get. Sorry if my English is bad.
  7. This is the updated version of the poll I made for new weapons.
  8. OK so I'm supposed to post a dumb message to make a poll so here it is.