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Found 4 results

  1. Hello my main account is on P4 and I am stuck on iron. Can anyone help me out with their builds?
  2. How do i get the whale in the ultimate league?
  3. I have never seen one, but I have heard that if you upgrade the Santa's Sleigh/Whale enough, you can boost its maximum energy from 20 to 25. Currently, I don't think ultimate machines are supposed to increase maximum energy. If it is true that the Santa's Sleigh/Whale can increase its energy, are there any other ultimate chassis that can do that? Thanks!
  4. Hey guys. I have been playing CATS for like 1-2 week(s) and i got promoted to stage 16 now. But the thing that i was wondering about is, that i have been playing vs many people with the "Whale" car, and i don't even have one.. I just want to ask you guys how i can get it? Do i get it in boxes, or leveling my cars up, or anything else? If leveling up, wich car do i have to level up and what level do i get it? -Thank you so much guys, i appreciate it. And sorry for my bad english.. I am not the best, but i hope you can understand what i wrote.