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King of the hill

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I have an idea for a contest.

This should be called King of the hill or Cat of the hill.

I hope developers will introduce something similar to official content.

This competition would be very easy if players could adjust their health and attack values manually and only for this competition.

The idea is to make a build that nobody will defeat under certain simple rules.


1. A player who claims to be Cat of the hill presents his vehicle. (It would be perfect if one could present any car from available slots for this competition, while using other car for championship, and maybe other for quick fights or gang battles).

2. A player who wants to challenge the current Cat of the hill must present a car which based on H-health and A-attack is not stronger. All according to equation:


where H1, A1 health and attack of the Cat of the hill, and H2, A2 - health and attack of the challenger. In other words a challenger must be equal or weaker than defender.

As a result you compete on the same level and try to outsmart your opponent. You don't need to pump up your vehicle and spend a lot of gems and gold but be creative and concentrate on vehicle properties, weapon positioning, way vehicle fights etc.


The current Cat of the hill is

H1=100, A1=30

His challenger is H2=150, A2=20

then H1/A2>=H2/A1 ---> 5>=5

and challenge is valid.

3. When challenger wins the battle he becomes a new Cat of the hill untill defeated.

Thanks to such competition we can find best bodies and builds.

The problem now is that if you start the challenge your car must be available until defeated, you should not modify it till then.

Who wants to start the challenge immediately let him present his car first on a screenshot. Make sure your Cats account is connected to Facebook and that you give details how to add you to friends. The rest will try to beat you. New winner will have to prove it by posting video replay.

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