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Hello, i have a problem that has happend multiple times and i was wondering if anyone here knows the reason. Befor i do a quick fight i watch the enemy hp, dmg, etc. But sometimes i los to someone with less hp and dmg than me (and i have taken into account weapons and all). For example the other day i was fighting against a guy who had 2 rockets, while i had 2 double rockets, i have more hp and dmg than him but i lost anyway. And a lot of similar fights like that. I also take into account that my attacks are going to hit the enemy machine and not going to miss.

Hope i made myself clear, thanks or the help.

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Weapon placement most likely.

As an example, Build A that has it's rocket mounted all the way in the front will have the advantage over build B, since it's rocket will hit first due to the rockets travel time. 

This is just as important to take into consideration along with your opponents stats.

If this is the case of your build, you might try and mount a backpedal which will equal that out atleast in the first shot.



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