Issue with the Minigun?

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So I have issues with the minigun. Either I don't understand the mechanics of the thing, or it is rigged to work better on my opponent's machines than on mine. I have taken a few videos to try and show what problems I'm having, but this one seems to illustrate my point the best. 

In this fight I have more health and a higher DPS. He even MISSES his first shot. Someone please explain to me how he won this fight.




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With miniguns, damage from the first shot is 1/3 of the base and upgraded value of the weapon, then 2/3 for the second shot.

However, damage from toolboxes on miniguns is 100% of the toolbox value for each shot.

So if your opponent's minigun has a much lower base and upgraded value than yours, but more toolboxes, it can still deal more damage on first and second shots than yours (even with a lower total attack value).

The general strategy with miniguns is to put as many toolboxes on them as possible. That strategy can significantly increase the first shot damage of a minigun.

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