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World Traveling Exploit

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If you watch the blue points leaderboard, there are many players that seem to switch gangs?  There is a traveling exploit with gang fights.

Like championships and leagues, gang fights have 3 global clocks that expire 8 hours apart.  The clocks themselves are in UTC, but simple enough to figure out your local time based upon your in game clock.

Once you have figured out how to do a 10/10 gang fight without spending too many gems on resets, which you can do at nearly every stage, anyone except the gang leader can participate in this journey.

For me, my gang is in the European timezone.  On day one of gangfight round, when clock resets, if I wait 7.5 hours, I leave for an Americas gang, the clock will expire in 30 minutes.  Pleanty of time to do my free daily gang fight, and if I earn at least 1 trophy, I get a second gangbox on the same day.  I can rejoin my European gang to do my free daily gang fight, this cost no gems, and no loss of trophies for my gang.

Works even better if your main gang is in Asian timezone, where you can do this at 8 and 16 hors later, get 3 free resets +3 gangboxes on day of each round.

Thanks to bluestacks play, you can establish a few new players to be the leader in different time zones.  It only takes a team of 20 going 10/10 to build a level 5 gang box on day 3.

Interesting exploit.  I hope this post does not get me banned.  I didnt make the game rules.

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This is clearly allowed under the gang fight system. If Zeptolab wanted to stop world travelers, they could easily do so .. as soon as a player presses the “leave gang” button, they could be prevented from gang fighting for 24 hours. 

The fact is that Zeptolab have not done this, even after gang switching was identified by Pokerman (in this Forum) soon after the start of gang fighting. We can only assume that Zeptolab are happy for “gypsy” players to receive up to three gang boxes and tens of additional gang fight reward boxes every 3 day round. As Kitty Kitty says, only those players who paid 300 gems for the “privilege” of leading a gang are unable to enjoy this exceptional generosity from Zeptolab.

For everyone else, world traveling is just another feature of gang fighting that has given “end gamers” plenty to do. So much traveling .. so many gang fights to do .. so many gang boxes to earn .. it’s truly a busy life in CATS these days :D

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The one thing Pokerman failed to understand, as a gang leader, you can join in the fun.

If you have at least 20 friends, create a new character.  Make space for one, so your new character can join your gang.  After remaing members leave, or are booted, this new character that you control becomes the new leader.  The same folks who left, or were booted can rejoin this gang a half hour before the clock counts down and collect the rewards.

If and when the company decides to end this exploit, you still control the gang, and regain leadership.

Afterall, the current gang trophy count leaderboard is really a who paid the most for the gang fight resets.  The only treet is getting a level 5 gangbox.

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