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When special offers are available for you (the ones that include 3 attack and 3 health toolboxes), toolboxes in supply boxes tend to “dry up” (with the exception of power boxes).

I’m sure this is just an unhappy coincidence .. and not a programmed feature designed to make the special offer more attractive. And yet it is a coincidence that happens every time that the relevant special offers are available for me! What are the chances of that eh? :D

If it’s not this, I have also noticed that toolboxes tend to come in clusters .. I often get  two or three from supply boxes in quick succession!

The surest way to get toolboxes is from winning gang fight numbers 8,9 and 10. It is a catch 22 I know (you need toolboxes to improve your cars to win gang fights .. to get toolboxes). But if you can start winning 10/10 gang fights regularly, you will end up with more toolboxes than you can ever hope to put on your cars :D

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