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Mechanics' rules

Heed the word of the Mechanics, who keep the things together and working.

This is the playground for Cats, who search for rest, petting and conversation with others. No crimes are allowed here, no insults are tolerated and no violations are forgiven. This is the place, where Cats of any age, background and culture are welcomed. Anyone may stay as long as he respects the rules and respects others. That goes for both Cats and Mechanics. Everyone should be aware that Mechanics can enforce these rules as they see fit.

Any Cat who dares to ignore the rules will be banned and forgotten in silence. The length of silence is measured by Mechanics, in accordance to the violations conducted.

1) Rudeness, insults, personal attacks, harassment and provocations will be punished. Decisions of Mechanics are final in these matters.

2) Mechanics are the ones who may decide what is considered as inappropriate language. They will not, under any circumstances, tolerate any offensive, vulgar, sexual and discriminatory posts of any kind.

3) Posting of repeated texts and writing of nonsense for the sake of boosting ones post count, will be persecuted.

4) Posting nonsense is a bad thing anyway. To hell with the counter, it may be punishable anyway. If you are bored out of your wits, it is a better idea to spend your time on forum games than to spam. Beware!

5) Regular Cats who dare to speak on behalf of Mechanics shall suffer the consequences.

6) The official language is English. A Clan may use other language for their own topic of a Clan Tread.

7) No free stuff, hacking or bug abuse, third party sites and apps, illegal activities or any other discussions of this sort. Reports of hacks are NOT allowed publicly, and will be dealt with accordingly.

8.) No alternative accounts are permitted.

9) Cats may miss the warnings from Mechanics, however, this will not ease their punishments. 

10) Mechanics may, and most certainly will, execute the punishments without prior notice. 

11) Forum signature pictures must fulfil these restrictions: 600x150pix for picture signatures. If you take a text signature, it must not be longer than 4 strings. Videos must be put in spoilers.

12) When posting, wait around 30 seconds after pressing the 'post' or 'create new thread' button before trying it again, else you may be a victim of the dreaded double post. Don't make this a common occurrence of it will be punishable.

13) Take heed that you stick with the topic of a thread. Posting to test out features or just for fun will not be tolerated.

14) No one is perfect. Don't act like you are. Abusing someone for small mistakes will not be taken lightly.

15) Private Messages are considered the same as posts, if they're unsolicited you'll be punished for them as harshly as you would if you posted whatever was sent on a public thread.


Anyone tempted to violate these rules should keep in mind that this list is not a topic for judgment, but a brief illustration of prohibited things. Mechanics will judge crimes according to the spirit of this Law, not the letter. So you're welcome to stay and act at your own risk, BUT BEWARE…

DO NOT mess with the Mechanics. They keep things together and working.

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