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Super Machine

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Hello, kittens!

Today we want to tell you about the upcoming update, and you will like it very much.
What exactly is waiting for us?
Super car! Now when you move to a new prestige you will be given details for the "Super machine".
What is the "Super Machine" and what is it for?
"Super machine" is a powerful machine that is assembled from "super details". You can get them when you reach a new prestige, "super details" will also have bonuses like the usual details, but they have one very interesting feature, they do not disappear after prestiging. For "Super Machine" will be added a special, own garage in which will be their championships in which you can compete with other players!
What about the information about new prestiges, for the beginning there will be 20, but in future they may become more. Compensation for players with 10th prestige will be details for the "Super Machine". So, you do not need to sit in one place in your championship now, but move forward to the new prestiges!
The new garage will replace the league system, and now to win in the league you need to collect an unbeatable "Super machine".
Let's sum up what exactly will add to the game:

1. New garage

2. New league system

3. The new "Super machine"

4. The number of prestiges will increase to 20

Sorry, if I made some mistakes.


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That all sounds pretty spot on to me FallenDemon :D

They are calling the new stuff ultimate parts .. so I guess we build ultimate cars with them.

Ultimate parts can only be fused with other ultimate parts .. and significantly NOT with TOOLBOXES!

So there will be no monster ultimate cars to face in the new ultimate league system, as far as I can tell at this early stage.

An amazing day in the CATS world .. a real game changing update will soon be coming our way!

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2 hours ago, FallenDemon said:

Yeah, everything is cool, but the compensation is pretty unfair. Still don't wanna lose my car in which i've spent thousands of gems ;-(

You can always camp at 10/24.

There are lots of happy campers in this game, many even enjoy this game without the need to spend thousands of gems.  Dont get me wrong, if you enjoy purchasing gems, great for you, just keep in mind as you spend there are other players with even deeper pockets, happy to spend even more.  

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