C.A.T.S. boycot to demand more action against trolls

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39 minutes ago, Fufu said:

You are rude and a bully and shouldn’t be allowed to talk in this forum

You're the rude one as I just explained. And I'm far from a bully, it's just that it is so wrong of you to take away the fun from players like me just because you didn't get good enough items. Everyone gets the same level of items, so if nobody would camp, we wouldn't have this problem.

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First of all, chill. It's just a game, this is not going to change your life, end of story. Also, forum rules.

Secondly, you both are right. Camping is the perfect solution after what this game has become, especially since people all need gems. And of course the fact that people want to do better in gang fights, since those are pretty much impossible to do without gems or camping. If you don't have money or time, you can't progress in this game. But that being said, if you don't like camping, then you might as well stop playing. Sadly, you'll never get anywhere if you don't. 

Thirdly, (and I'm sorry to say this Jopie) this game will never be back at its old self. Zeptolab has made a decision that will scar them for life, and that decision is to make this game as hard to progress and as p2w as possible. So, we have no choice but to resort to horrible tactics. And it isn't selfish if it has to be done and it is accepted by the game. It's also no reason to call someone a pr***.

Finally, we all play this game for different reasons. If you don't like how someone plays ok. But no need to get upset at them for just about nothing. The magic of games is that they allow us to play in many ways and do different things, or come up with innovative solutions to solve that puzzle youre stuck on. (For good games at least.) And games creators have good intent and did not intend to create arguments that are spawning because of pure dumbness. So please, don't be that one guy. (Or girl.)

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Thank you Dabs. So, going back to the topic, let me say again that camping is the ONLY option to receive parts that correspond to the stage I’m at. If I try to progress I will never have good parts for my stage. This means I will have to pay to progress.

As I said in the past I am usually very keen to buy gems or whatever developers are selling because I want them to stay in business. BUT I don’t like being forced. I paid ZeptoLab a fair amount of money before they changed the game, they made a mistake by being so greedy so now I will not pay again.

Happy camping!

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