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Hello Cats here is a few things that zeptolab use to improve the game.

- About campers is really hard to have fun if there is a camper in your league. You can change this like the "ultimate league" so the people who advance to the next stage can "Join" the new stage and the people who don't want to play the stage just don't play it and don't appear in the stage... like a "lobby" . Doing that they can't stop the people who really wanna play the normal championship.
- You can put missions like "have a 100 win streak and win super box" or "500 win streak and win a legendary box" or gems. You know... making the game more interactive to the players who play a lot and reward them for that.
- Obviusly add new cat poins.
- In the ultimate league reward the first 5 or 6 placement with the same rewards (i'll never be able to be top 2 because of p2w guys and i play everyday a lot except when i have a camper in my stage)
- In the boxes if i'm in level 15 must be weapons that have at least level 13 not 12.
I think with this suggestions the game will improve a lot :D
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Great list of suggestions 👍

1. Totally agree about button to join championships. But campers will still join to collect 3 gems .. reward for earning some medals, but not enough to promote. I fear campers will slow prestiging progress for a long time to come, unfortunately!

2. Missions for rewards is a great idea .. a similar initiative would be to award purple points for a 5 win streak in quick fighting. So while players are waiting for tickets, they can still earn purple points by actively playing.

3. I think Zeptolab have run out of ideas on how to use skill points .. I currently have 134 cat paws to use (this issue is definitely in Zeptolab’s “too hard” basket) 🙁

4  Rewarding top 6 rather than just top 2 in ultimate league is an excellent idea .. more players would push for a spot so it’s likely to involve more spending than currently. A win/win for players and Zeptolab 😀

5  The infamous 3 stages below current stage parts drop is Zeptolab’s prime strategy for slowing the game down (together with ads limits to stop you even opening boxes in the first place). Zeptolab make money from slowing the game down .. so this issue ain’t gonna be fixed anytime soon (if ever) 🙁

If Zeptolab at least implemented points 2 and 4 for now, the game would be significantly improved 😀😀

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