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Maddie .. so feisty? 

I don’t bet, so I am by no means an expert. But I’m sure you’re right .. bets are not rigged. Many of the contests are just so close, and/or the opposing cars so unpredictable, that picking a winner is a 50/50 proposition.

The really interesting question then is whether the pay out from winning a bet reflects those 50/50 odds. In other words, is it a fair bet?

Interested in your thoughts? Personally, I doubt it very much .. so I don’t bet.

Bets aren’t rigged in CATS .. they’re just not fair bets 🙁

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Bets aren't technically rigged, but I heard that some of them are intentionally misleading, many times with things that you wouldn't expect happening to happen. But without those, they wouldn't be bets, right? They'd just be the "Buff Parts" section. Betting is a skill, and you're gonna lose some, or quite a few. Synergy is super useful, so it shouldn't be something easy to get.

Those are just my two cents. I've lost a ton of gems betting myself, but then I gave myself the rule to not bet on boulders or titans :P. Helped me a lot lol.

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