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I had an idea about different skins for the different components. The skins would not increase or decrease the abilities of the parts, but would add a unique aspect to the game. Possibly, they could be sold for more or less gold depending on their rarity (like the stickers). I do see an issue regarding the KoT parts, as they change as they are leveled up. A possible solution to this would be to allow players to unlock skins at stage 5 and change their appearance depending on either stage tier (metal, military, etc.), or level of the part.


Here are a few for example:

Rocket Launcher skins:

     - Yarn ball launcher

     - Dog launcher

     - Water balloon launcher

     - Red Guard launcher (from KoT)

     - Cannon / Homing Cannon (from KoT)


Laser Skins:

     - Different colored laser beams

     - Skin that looks like a laser you play with your cats with

     - Lil' Scorcher (from KoT)


Blade Skins:

     - Swinging dog (Though, P.E.T.A may not appreciate this one)

     - Swinging ax

     - Swinging baseball bat

     - Swinging sledgehammer

     - Swinging flail

     - Swinging mace

     - A variation of the Spinner (from KoT)


Chain Saw and Drill Skins:

     - Jackhammer skin

     - Knife skin

     - Blade (from KoT)

     - Hacksaw

     - Angle Grinder

     - Circular saw

     - Sawzall


Stinger Skins:

     - Cattle taser (cattle prod)

     - Pole weapons (like these)

     - Sword


Booster and Backpetal Skins:

     - Whoopee cushion

     - NOS tank

     - Rocket


Repulse Skins:

     - Ricochet (from KoT)

     - Mine / Claymore / C4

     - Balloon / Water balloon

     - Bubble


Forklift Skins: (I don't really have any ideas for this one)

     - Seeker Bird (from KoT) on a leash / chain of some sort. (Would spin at the same rate as the forklift).


I would love to hear what you guys think and any additional ideas you guys have on the skins. 








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I like the idea very much! I disagree with you regarding kot inspired skins: i dont think its a good idea to make these two games so related

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