What's the best boulder setup?

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Sup guys!

I'm trying to figure out what is at the very least a decent setup for a boulder with 16 power points, 2 weapon slots, and one accessories slot.

Previously, I tried using the circular saws with a booster, but with the booster, there were chances it hurled itself into oblivion. 

I'm thinking circular saws are probably the best because they kind of have that relationship with the boulders, but that's kind of a disadvantage for me if my opponent machine has ranged weapon(s).

The booster helps but not quite all the time. I also tried the grappling hook. Despite being a health boost, it does nothing.



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Try this:

-Tire in back

-Roller/Knob in front

-Booster on gadget slot (if the slot is on the bottom)

-Drill/Stinger/Chainsaw in front

-"Circular Saw" (Blade 😊) in back

It should charge toward the enemy pretty fast and knock them back, then attack.

Also remember there is no perfect build.

That should work, it's usually best around stage 11.

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I got better ones

two circuler saw

a booster

It will jump over enemies and atteck from above and behind ;)


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