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Kittens and Pilots,

The time has come to show your rivals the ultimate power of your gang. From now on your mates will become true allies, supporting each other in fights outside the backyards. That's because loners are no longer warriors and gangs are no longer packs of random cats. Everything has changed, because the time has come to find out who're Kings of the City. An infinite sequence of wars for places, buildings, streets, districts and whole cities has begun.

In other words, update 2.8 is on!


What's new?

- KINGS OF THE CITY‎: Fight against real gangs from around the globe to conquer the city in this NEW cooperative game mode.
- ULTIMATE TOOLBOXES‎: Give your ultimate machines a temporary boost with these powerful kits‎
- ULTIMATE BOOSTER‎: Stymied in a league‎? Stuck on ultimate upgrades‎?Unlock this powerful bonus and speed up your progress.
- AND MUCH MORE‎: New ultimate parts, UI improvements and bug fixes.

*btw - The city has been renamed to Mew York ;)

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