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We are still have open slot for social and active player who has minimal Prestige5 and Silver Ultimate League. You love CK and want to get the most of it ? Join us ! Please visit our website

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So it has been a while since Non PresTigers has used this site to recruit......why you may ask (proberly not but tough I’m gonna pretend you did!).

NP Tigers has been looking for an edge, we have tried low scoring (winning CK match ups with lowest possible score so as to get an easier opponent). We have tried running gang with 20 members to get a smaller CK grid (again, to get easier opponents). All designed to progress through districts quicker as opposed to trying to climb the ranks.

 But alas Zeptolab have closed these back doors and these tactics are no longer effective. So we are now looking to recruit 4 players to our gang. We are looking for minimum Prestige 8 players, active and social players who want to be part of a top gang. Currently 86 rank in CK and climbing quickly now we are back to focusing on points.

We have a highly organised Discord Server (members must use this fantastic resource that has been built). We have our own website packed full of top tips in both CK and Gang Fights. We have a unique set of CK Tactics that have us punching way above our weight ( Have beaten teams in top 30 plus ranks as we continue to chase points now and win. 

Join our discord and make up your own mind! to visit our discord. to visit our website.

See you soon!


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