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Hey guys i’m back

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9 hours ago, po_teletubbie said:

Sorry for the long time It's been 1 year since I was offline and now i’m back

Must have felt like a year .. because CATS is such a fun game to play (mostly, except for every second update .. which Zeptolab manage to screw up so badly that it takes months to fix) 😂

I joined this Forum on 21 August 2017 .. less than 8 months ago. You have definitely posted since then .. because I remember you well .. your avatar is just so cute 😀👍🏆

My guess is you’ve been away six months .. and have happily missed the worst period in the short history of CATS. Starting with the notorious 6 December 2017 update shocker .. now trumped by the universally hated 27 April 2018 update. The latter is quite easily the worst update ever 👎👎👎.

Welcome back 😀

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