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Balloons would lift the part of the machine it is attached to. Balloons would have the same lifting power as a lifter. Balloons would only disappear if attacked 3 times (Just like the balloon from the lifter) therefore losing 10% of its lifting power every time a balloon is popped.



Energy: 1-2

Health: Low

Type: Gadget

Appearance: 3 Balloons (color depends on stage, brown for wood, blue for steel, etc...) that are attached to small strings.



That is all! Please comment and give suggustions so I can improve this!







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15 hours ago, catwop said:

its ok ! Cool ! Since zeptolab didn't make a balloon to lift yourself

Thanks for the feed back! :)

I think the only problem would be flying from into space.

Here are some good builds that would go well with the balloons:

  • Two balloons on back side, whale, no wheels, and one hit laser. Fly up into the air, while laser if faced downwards, charged up to hit that moving target charging at where you used to be (on the ground)!
  • Surfer, blade or double rocket, Big foot on left side and stick roller on right side, and front pedal on tip with a balloon. The balloon will start to inflate, and then start to lift upwards in 3 seconds. The nose would get under the opponents machine (classic is a exception) and the balloon will then lift up the machine flipping it like grilling a fish! Just thinking of it makes me hungry!
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