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I want to thank everyone for your feedback on my previous idea.

Another one came to my mind lately and I want to share it with you.

The acid gun

This weapon shots acid balls, like the dragon grenade launcher. When an acid ball hits the enemy, it starts to deal a given amount of DPS, like the flamethrower, but it will not stop until the battle is over. Acid shots are stackable, so the more you hit, the more DPS the enemy will receive.

The acid gun shots every 2s which makes it only useful if you're able to absorb damage from your enemy long enough. The good thing, if both machines are flipped, the acid shots you've landed will give you a higher chance to win.

Some variations for this idea

It may shot 1.5s instead if 2s is way too much OR it may still shot every 2s but a guaranted first shot after 1s, making the second shot to be made at 3s and so. This will make sure that your enemy is getting at least 1 acid ball before flipping you.

Since the enemy will get a lot of damage once a few acid shots are landed, the DPS for acid guns should be very low, but this will only make them unbalanced when users start to put attack boxes on them, just like the minigun used to be. Possible solutions:

  • Acid guns can't be improved with attack boxes. This is a dumb solution, I know.
  • Acid guns get less buffing from attack boxes. I'm aware, this one is not better at all.
  • DPS shown in acid guns is the damage your enemy gets once you've landed 3 shots. Which means, each acid ball will add 1/3 of the total DPS. This one is better.


What do you think about acid guns?

PD: It doesn't have to be acid, it can be anything with stackable power.

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