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Hi everyone!

I made a gang a few weeks ago after being kicked from a gang who didn't even give me a chance to earn some trophies, and after quiting 2 gangs whose leaders went inactive, which eventually made every active player leave because there was no one to kick the inactive ones.


It may not be the best gang you can join but it has at least an active leader, willing to make everyone cooperate for the good of everyone in the gang.

5 prestige is the min required but I will change it if someone out of that wants to join us. We can share strategies and builds, I can totally help you after playing this game for +1 year.

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hey I'm an active player and can get the trophies you need for the gang. Is there any innactive players in the gang that your wiling to let go, cause of right now its 25/25. I'd out-perform anyone you swap me with (unless like its a pro lol)

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