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  1. 1. Favorite Gadget

    • Forklift
    • Lifter

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Lifter all the way.  Any stable car with a double Lifter setup will beat 6-10 cars easy.  Heck even a fast moving single Lifter Classic with no weapon can beat 4-8 cars without a weapon.

Here's my current setup car in Gold Stage 17 (please note no weapon and the very low HP of this car - it's go no boosting).  This car has barely enough HP to survive one DR hit at Stage 17 and it wall bangs 9 cars to victory.  

The forklift can't produce results tha are even close.

The Lifter is the free-to-play pilots best gadget to sneak into a sub-7th place position.  Second would be the Backpedal gadget.




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