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Maybe +1 year of experience is not a lot for other veteran cats but is useful for players who've been playing for a shorter time, and somehow, useful for older players who've missed those tricks.

I've been using mostly those machines and creating new ones because CATS is the kind of game where building smarter gives better results than building stronger (and easier tbh).

Smart builds can win against machines with 10 times your stats which makes them very useful in gang fights. No guaranty to get the 10/10 though. :(

I've given names to those builds based on what they do and to ease the referencing within this writing. Some of those builds where gathered from this same forum but most of them where found in game and made from testing silly builds which seemed to work very well. You can share your builds here as well.

Since getting accurate screenshot from those builds is a little complicated, I tried to replicate them the best I can using PowerPoint, lol.

I'll start this with my favorite one for "before prestige 1".

Bouncy Boulder



  • Boulder with gadget slot on top
  • 1 Booster
  • 1 Blade


  • Boulder with gadget slot on top + 2 weapon slots
  • 2 Blades
  • 1 Booster


This build gave me a lot of instant promotions when I started playing CATS. I got the idea when I saw a lot of builds with this body getting flipped sooooo easy, I first though it was a useless build but at a given moment I got stuck with players with machines stronger than anything I had at the time. I couldn't win them in a "strongest machine" match but I thought "If I attack them from behind I can totally win". Then, this machine was born.

You can get creative with the wheels. Due to the varying wheels slot positions you'll need to figure out yourself, which wheels fit the best your bouncy boulder.


  • Double rockets (an obvious one)
  • Builds with 2 shotguns


Heavy Whale



  • Whale with 2 weapon slots + 1 gadget slot
  • 2 shotguns
  • 1 Lifter
  • Wheels no smaller than tires


  • Back wheel does not touch the Whale tail
  • Front wheel is not exposed to your enemy

This whale makes use of the lifters effectiveness and allows you to ensure the flipping with the shotguns. Surfers and sneakies have almost no chance!

Just like every build with shotguns, melee weapons barely touch you and you can even stop those annoying No-scope laser/rocket sneakies.

The wheel position is pretty much optional but totally changes the build performance. Use only sticky tires, bigfoot and sometimes regular tires since the knockback will be too much for other wheels.


  • Machines that do not get lifted quick enough


Classic classic



  • Classic with weapon slot NOT in the back + front wheel NOT exposed to opponent
  • 1 Blade
  • 1 Lifter


  • Wheel center is located above body's bottom

The name comes after the fact that classics are made mainly for this purpose or at least this is the best way you can use them. This build will lift any opponent leave it vulnerable to your blade and to the demolition things from the corners. Is recommended to have the wheels above your bottom side. This will allow you to put bigfoot, tires or sticky tires which make the classic classic a good counter to shotguns.

The gadget position isn't very important since just a little lifting is enough to allow your classic to do it's "classic thing".

I also recommend going for maximum health on this build and let the giant saws do the dirty job.


  • Any build that doesn't rely on directional attacks, like the bouncy boulder
  • Forklifts


No-Scope Sneaky



  • Sneaky with 2 gadget slots
  • 1 Laser
  • 2 Backpedals


  • 2 Super-Backpedals with bonus damage for lasers
  • Sneaky with 2 gadget slots and bonus damage for lasers

This is a build I haven't used myself because there's still a bit of honor in me (?). This nasty strategy has prevented me from getting a lot of instant promotions and has stopped many gang fights win streaks. This is the kind of machine that is not worth making a counter for, because is not that popular but still very annoying. Anyway, is actually really easy to counter them.

Due to the way this build works, you need to put no wheels or, sometimes, compensate the backpedals force with a knob. With this build, you rely strongly on killing with 1 shot.

Some variations of this strategy use a double rocket instead of a laser.


  • Arpon
  • Tank builds with double rockets, enough health to survive a laser shot
  • Fast machines with shotguns


Camping Titan



  • Titan with 2 weapon slots / Titan with 3 weapon slots
  • 1 Backpedal / A shotgun if no gadget slot is present


  • Add knobs or larger wheels ONLY IF you're sure the Titan is not moving with them

This build relies strongly on not moving at all and cornering yourself to prevent lifters from... lifting you. While you're in the corner, knockback from shotguns and classic classics wont bother you.

Titans have, by default, a lot of health so you can use this as an advantage.

If you're able to keep the main features of this build, you can get creative with the weapons and the gadgets. For example: change the gadget slot for a lifter and use a shotgun to corner yourself. Do not rely on shotguns for damage since you're not supposed to get close to your opponent.


  • Arpons



I'm aware, I'm missing a lot of builds here but I've already spent a lot of time doing this post... It doesn't mean it wont be more :D

Feel free to add your own builds here and I'll test them to find their weakness and their variants.

Thanks for reading!

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For countering flying sneakies you have plenty of choices other than a camping Titan.

1. Can’t beat them, join them. Make a flying sneaky of your own.

2.Use a sneaky, 2 boosters, and a knob in front. You should knock your opponent straight out of the sky.

3.Use a sneaky, 1 backpedal in the back, and a harpoon in front. You should latch onto the enemy and throw it(since they’re cats) into the walls of doom.

Builds that no longer work:

1.A backpedal on a boulder will make it go hyper for some reason(fixed) adding a laser should eliminate the enemy clean and crisp.

2.Classic with harpoon and repulse. The harpoon will latch onto the enemy, making the repulse come in contact with the enemy, causing the enemy to fly away.(3 slots classics were removed :()

Anyways, thanks for reading!


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