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Join a Gang - Hobbes - Month Old Gang

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If you are Prestige 2 and above, you are more than welcome to join us @  Hobbes#55748


If anything Hobbes is the funniest cat in the comic world. 

About Us:

1) 14 Members - all Active

2) Disciplined, we all play daily, we don't spend but attack together and play with a plan. We do Gang Fights and City Kings daily. 

3) We help each other, we rather grow together and learn from each other.

4) We respect personal lives and respect leaves of absence if early informed

5) We give 3 mistake chance before asking a person to let go. It is like 3 strikes if you commit mistakes or do your own thing you are warned

6) We are about doing things together, than individual glory


More than welcome for any serious gamer with prestige 2 and above to join us. 



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