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Hello guys I've made a new gang. The name of the gang is The Cats Empire(No spaces before or after the name).

The requirements to join are -

1. Lvl2 prestige.

2. Gold League in Ultimate Championships.

3. Minimum 100Cups/3days in Gang Fights.

4. Active in City Kings.

I'm looking for players who have a good interest and have sufficient knowledge of the game.

That's why I've kept the Prestige to lvl2 so that, No, too new players, or those who don't have sufficient knowledge, come & join.

But still if you have great interest in the game but hasn't reached Prestige 2 but are a Gold League player you're still welcome.

Or if you have any prestige upto 5 but hasn't reached Gold League yet but a continuous player in Silver League(one league below Gold League) you can still join but only if you have good interest in the game.

Anyone who is above Prestige 5, must be a Gold league player.

The 3rd and 4th requirement is very necessary as it's the only way that all the gang members can progress through normal & ultimate championships together.

I hope you find all these requirements interesting & innovative cause I don't wanna miss out on either new or old good players.

As of me, my IGN is AGENT47, I'm an enthusiastic player and hope together we make a great team.

PS - The reason why I made my own Gang is that I wasn't able to join any Leaderboard gangs, cause didn't mattered how knowledgeable I was, I just didn't had enough firepower acc to them. And I could never find a good gang in recommended tab. So I hope together we make a great team and join those high level gangs on the leaderboard.

Hope to see you soon.

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