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-5D- Gang is recruting.

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5th Dimension startup clan (extension of )  ....don't bother applying there for now.  The webmaster Major_Steel and I have some details to work-out.   Discord channel to come shortly.

I'm heading a start-up, from ground zero.    Minimum requirements (until I get bored, and decide otherwise):

Ultimate League, minimum Wooden (1st-level) ranking.

Gang Fights, minimum 15 trophies/day

I will boot people not meeting these completely -low- expectations every 24 hours, and re-open the Gang to general recruiting.    If you wish to join us, just drop a message here, and I'll get you an invite (or open a slot).   Initially, 11 open slots tomorrow.

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We have a pretty active core group.   Not a chatty bunch, but no defeats so-far in City Kings.

I'll likely have three open slots at midnight tonight.   


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