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Is it worth coming back to this game?

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It definitely is 😀

As you know .. I am Zeptolab’s strongest and loudest critic .. with update after update they have turned a truly great game into a merry-go-round of exhilaration and frustration. 

Exhilaration every time you beat the odds and instant promote .. win 10/10 gang fights .. or have an exciting CK win against a tough opponent.

Frustration that these incompetent clowns 🤡 have skewed the game away from skill and activity towards p2w .. so that ultimately the biggest spenders (not the most skilfull and active gang) win City Kings. Rex’s gang (#1 in both Mew York and Meowscow) are nothing special at all .. just a very average bunch of players who spend more money than anyone else. That proves nothing !

And frustration that player communication from Zeptolab is appalling .. and the game remains riddled with annoying bugs they’re too lazy to fix !

Despite the frustrations, I have an amazing gang 🦊  (the best free playing gang in CATS by far) .. and it’s a pleasure to spend so much of my time playing this fascinating game day in day out with them 😀

Overall .. IT’S WORTH IT 👍

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