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suggestion : fusion lab 2.0

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Hey guys ! Whats up! catwop is back !

So I have this idea : fusion lab 2.0

It is basically like the old one but...

You need a lot of money and even gems to fuse

the more powerful it is the more expensive

for example :

Now something good ...

LASER MINIGUN : minigun + laser - a minigun that shoots lasers - cost 20000 coins

...and somthing bad

BOOMERANG : harpoon + scooter - deals twice damage of flaming floors - cost 5000

you see ? the point of adding money is  to make it all balanced

so hope you like my new idea

I will keep giving out ideas of hyper stuff

bye :)

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Adding a money cost doesn't necessarily make it balanced.

I think this idea would actually reduce de machine diversity because currently, (almost) everything have upside and down side, encourage players to choose what's best suit their build.
Allowing part fusing like that, even if there is some sort of balance, would make choices less difficult and let a "perfect build" exist.

Adding more parts with interesting mechanics is something Zeptolab could do but this require a lot of balancing and introduce a whole new system like this could lead to enormous unbalance.

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