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{Fourm game} TPBY

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So another fourm game buy me ( BOTS STAY OUT )

so TPBY actually stands for the  person bellow you 

the main objective is to ask a question to the person bellow you

and the person bellow you has to answer true or false

and the person below you ( I lost count how many times I typed this word ) has to ask the person below the person below you

got it ?

most importantly have fun !

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4 hours ago, catwop said:

I forgot to ask a question : 

the person below me hates bots


An excellent fun game Catwop .. but first .. time for some grammar lessons 😂

”the person below me hates bots” is a statement (which can still be either true or false) .. but it is not a question !

The vital sign in any question is the presence of a question mark .. ? .. and the following sentence structure .. 

Does the person below me hate bots ? (to which the answer is typically yes or no .. rather than true or false .. with the latter being reserved for statements rather than questions). 

Do you see the great thing about this Forum ? (another question)

Free grammar lessons .. and you actually learn something useful in real life 😀

And now for my question .. you may have seen this coming Catwop 😂

Is the person below me a KGB agent ? 😂😂😂

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On 10/23/2018 at 12:42 AM, catwop said:


the main objective is to ask a question to the person bellow you


That seems clear enough (even allowing for some confusion over “below” versus “bellow” .. the latter can of course refer to shouting or an implement used to add oxygen to a fire) 😀

6 hours ago, ZakAttack said:

Ahhhhh, Kats Gone Bad lives on!

Oh dear oh dear oh dear 🙁

First .. another statement rather than a question 

Do any CATS players have basic grammar skills ? (That is what a question looks like .. by the way) Sadly, I fear the answer is NO.

Second .. KGB stands for Kittens Gone Bad .. not Kats Gone Bad (the latter representing yet another spelling crime against the English language) 😡

Happily .. all is not lost 😀

Unlike all other gangs in CATS, Fellow Foxes 🦊 was formed way back in August 2017 to .. 

1. Become the number one guild in CATS (Solaito’s vision) .. and to ..

2. Ensure good grammar was practised at all times in Gang Chat (and discord chat).

If you yearn to see the great traditions of the English language honoured, and practised daily, there is really only one gang for you 🦊😂


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3 hours ago, ZakAttack said:

Considering I came up with the orignal pun way back Phil you would think I could remember it wouldn’t you!

Indeed, your discovery of the Kittens Gone Bad (KGB) organisation .. and its attempts to infiltrate CATS .. was a real game changer 😀

Armed with this intelligence, Fellow Foxes 🦊 was able to play the lead role in monitoring .. and ultimately shutting down .. the operations of this nefarious group.

Along the way, there has emerged one real heart-warming story ❣ Catwop has come in from the cold .. and been welcomed into the family of freedom fighters 😀 He has been bestowed with the highest honour in CATS .. he is now an honorary Fox 🦊!

And now for my next question ?

Will the three Non PresTigers family of gangs (Non PresTigers, NP Cubs and NP Lynx) be able to achieve a higher combined score in Purris than Fellow Foxes 🦊? It should be a great race 😀


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Most definently Phil! No deliberate low scoring wins by Non PresTigers this season. NP Cubs will be starting a whole season from the beginning and not  third of the way through. NP Lynx are nearly district 3 already and racing through th wins.

Maybe just stick to keeping up with Non PresTigers at moment!


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