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Random Idea #002

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Just some random idea.


Name: Blowing Fan

Type: Ultimate Gadget.

Effect :

1. Blow away dragon bombs, icy balls, flue smoke.

2. Slowdown rockets, shotgun pellets.



Name : ZaptoLab Flask Gun.

Type: Ultimate Weapon

Effect : Fire once, spread a toxic and sticky liquid, create a sticky pools that trapped the wheels, and dealing toxic damage until match ended.



Name: Landmine launcher.

Type: Ultimate weapon.

Effect: Launch a landmine and it will stick to the ground, if enemy's wheel touch it, after a short delay it will explode and blow the opponent into air vertically.

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Blowing Fan can resemble a Dutch Windmill.


New Car : Dutch Windmill

No wheels.

A car never move, it standing still all the time.


Add new Blowing Fan effect :

1. Increase the fly speed of your rocket, dragon bombs, icy ball inside your wind.

2. Increase the effect distance of your shotgun pellet and flamethrower's flame inside your wind.

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