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please phil became a mechanic

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It’s true that I am very active in the Forum, but I have also been an outspoken critic of Zeptolab for ..

1. Their excessive and unbalanced use of play-to-win in CATS (such that money alone determines who is ranked as the best players and best gangs, with skill and time devoted to the game irrelevant).

2. Failing to make much needed reforms to City Kings (introduction of rest days and elimination of paid heals, scouts and replaces .. to name just two).

3. Not implementing simple changes to gangs (2iC, CK activity traffic light system and improved gang chat).

4. Cynical manipulation of box drops .. and Championship and gang fight opponents .. to slow prestiging progress.

.. and above all ..

5. Appalling communication about updates .. events .. timing of City Kings seasons .. etc etc. In fact, the worst communication it is possible to imagine from a gaming company to the players who ultimately pay the bills !

So I am not surprised that an invitation for me to become a mechanic was shredded by Zeptolab’s CEO 😂

I am not expecting a Christmas card either 😂

Thanks nonetheless po_teletubbie for your vote of confidence 😀

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