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Gang statistics...?

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At the end of every City Kings match, there is a numeric leader board (which can only be viewed between matches).    Does anyone know where this number comes from (I assume cumulative Influence points over a period), and if there is a way to review past Gang performance (wins/losses)?   

I seem to understand the "Top Gangs" leaderboard.....but does that update daily, or only every 3-days when Gang Fights reset?

Just trying to understand these numbers, and if they play into anything at all........

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First .. the City Kings Leaderboard is cumulative for each city. So for Purris .. it sums your gang’s score for each match, comprising ..

1. Influence points (up to a maximum of 140,000 points for the largest CK map) .. and ..

2. A bonus multiplier (which increases as your gang progresses through CK districts, up to a maximum of 50x .. once you have completed the City).

The only way to review gang performances is to take your own screenshots (which I do at the completion of every match). You will then have a record of wins and losses .. highest winning and losing scores .. etc.

Second .. the Trophy Leaderboard for gangs is updated every 3 days when your gang completes a full round of gangfights. 

Gangs compete in 3 different timezones .. Asian, European and American .. with Asian gangfights finishing first .. followed by European (8 hours later) and American (16 hours behind the Asian timezone) gangfights. The trophy leaderboard is updated as each timezone completes their gangfights.

Hope this helps 😀

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